REACH Digital Signage & Mobile App are perfect for communicating information to large numbers of people in diverse locations efficiently. Broadcasting emergency alerts and messages quickly can be vital for your audience.

But there is more involved than just installing digital signage or creating a mobile app — you also have to be prepared with a plan of action.

Here are four tips that can help you be the best at preparing for emergency alerts:

  1. Involve leadership

Communicate digital alert procedures with managers and staff at your facility. Make sure your leadership knows the plan and can direct individuals to safety and to view your digital signage or mobile app for updated information.

  1. Have a backup

You may have a primary employee who oversees management of your signage or app on a regular basis, but in the event of an emergency, can you be sure that employee will be available? Train a few staff members on proper alert protocol just in case you are unable to access your content management system to send out the alert-for example: your primary employee who manages your content may be out to lunch when a fire alarm is triggered or the tornado is headed your way.

  1. Visibility is vital

Your signage should already be placed in high-traffic locations, but when an emergency alert is broadcast, the message needs to be impossible to ignore. For example: If you typically use neutral colors in your messages, create emergency messages using flashing, brightly-colored images and text. For your app, ensure your users know to enable their “emergency” notification tags and/or know how to check the notifications button within the app.

  1. Don’t wait!

Emergencies happen every day in facilities just like yours. Don’t assume that you can put off the creation of a plan for your digital signage or app until later — do it today and be ready for anything!