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Digital Signage for the Digital Age

More and more, schools all over the country are maximizing the power of technology to engage their students and ultimately, operate more efficiently. REACH Digital Signage makes it easy to bring your communication apparatus into the 21st century and distribute information more effectively.

Digital Signage for UniversitiesIt comes to no surprise to hear young people in the demographic group called “millenials” are consuming the majority of their news and entertainment information through some kind of digital screen outlet. In fact, according to a study done by Deloitte, even the old standby, the television, is becoming a “secondary source”, pushed aside by handheld phone or tablet devices.

It may come as common sense, but any business or organization who plans on targeting their information at this group should be utilizing digital communications they are more likely to notice and trust. Increasingly, digital signage in education is spreading quickly through REACH; it’s visually interesting and an efficient way of communicating school activities and important information as 97 percent of students prefer to receive information via digital channels.

Replace your bulletin boards and instantly create announcements, alerts, reminders, etc. on-the-fly with our flexible content management system. Why you ask? Digital signage frees up space, can display vital emergency information immediately, and above all, capture your viewers attention.

k12-img15Reduce clutter and confusion

Think back to those giant bulletin boards that took up large amounts of wall space and were  cluttered with outdated information or unapproved flyers? Our digital signage can free up that space, making approval for posts mandatory and impossible to get around, and put the maintenance in the hands of one or two staff members rather than multiple users.

Emergency alerts

More and more campuses are utilizing students’ cellphones to push out emergency information in real-time through text or email messages. Complementing those one-to-one student communications, a digital signage system used throughout a school campus is an efficient and immediate way to alert students and staff who may not have access via their phone to any weather or security-related emergencies. Standard messages can be kept in your que of announcements to be posted when needed, or new messages can be created on the fly to address any unexpected situations that arise.

Captive audience

No matter what kind of education facility you visit, there are always locations where students are a target audience as they stand in line. In the library, at the main office or in the cafeteria, a dynamic digital signage display will catch their attention more effectively than a flyer posted on a bulletin board. Weather reports, deadlines, weekly specials… there is no limit to the kinds of information you can share. And, since you are sharing more than one message with each announcement — the return on investment is easy to see in reduced usage of paper and ink, not to mention a better informed target audience.

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From Print to Digital: Why make the switch?


The way we communicate to our audience(s) is changing (or has changed for that matter). Print ads are on the decline which digital signage is gaining more and more power. In fact, making the switch from print to digital signage is increasing everyday as more and more companies realize the power and impact signage has on their messaging.

With the ability to change content on-the-fly, schedule and arrange announcements and messages based upon the time of day or week, the draw to digital signage is a lot more appealing and productive vs. print. And for good reason. REACH’s digital signage provides flexible, dynamic displays while giving you the ability to play videos, animations and custom, interactive messages. Digital signage opens up a whole new world of instant, meaningful, communication.

And it’s not just the Out-of-Home industry that has been affected. The switch from print to digital displays can be seen in retail markets with digital, interactive point-of-purchase displays, higher education facilities in the form of video walls and corporations where digital signage plays an important role in branding and messaging.

One thing REACH’s digital signage does very well is engaging your audience. With the variety of widget options, including social media, weather, news feeds, etc, it’s easy to appeal to your audience, and engage them directly into your screen, ultimately, having them see your main message(s). Planning, executing and measuring engagement is more powerful and much easier on an interactive display as opposed to a traditional print ad.

Need more reasons to switch from print to digital?

1. Real-Time Updates

With the click of one button you can now send digital content to displays all across the country or the world that reside on your network. Or you can send specific information to specific displays based upon the time of day, the demographic standing in front of the display or branded to a specific group. Or all three within a matter of seconds.

2. Increased Savings

The cost of digital signage is a bit different from print costs. With digital signage, you have a higher cost up front, but a better ROI in the long run. Really the only costs with digital signage is the one-off installation & hardware costs, some minor licensing fee costs.


This instant way of advertising with digital signage is very cost effective because you aren’t printing and shipping printed ads. Not only that but you have much more control over your content then you did with print. See a typo? No biggie, just make the change and push the refreshed content back out. And just like that-instant cost savings with real-time updates!

3. Truly Engaging Content

When was the last time you physically engaged with a print ad? Can’t remember? That is why digital signage is becoming so popular. If you look around you, everyone is already using digital displays of some sort, whether it’s their TVs, computers or smart phones, people are touching and engaging with digital screens every day.

So it’s no wonder that digital signage is becoming so popular. Universities are using interactive displays to show students and potential students what is going on in and around campus as well as how to find their classrooms or other facilities. Students can stop and use wayfinding on interactive maps to get a good idea of where to go. And they do all of this by touching the screen, just like they do on their smart phones. The transition of our culture from print to digital ads is almost seamlessly built in.

This kind of “out-of-the-box” thinking regarding the way facilities interact with their audience is the reason engaging content is getting so popular in digital signage. The possibilities are almost endless and you are no longer pigeon-holed into a piece of paper that never changes its shape, size or motion.


Want to learn more? Contact us today at info@reachmedianetwork.com!

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Why libraries need to consider digital signage



Libraries are definitely a vertical that has been with us for centuries, but is striving to enter the 21st century successfully while staying relevant in a very different social and information market.

Below are a few great ways that libraries can utilize REACH digital signage to benefit their members without negatively impacting their bottom line:

Digital information desk

Most libraries have an information desk somewhere near the entrance, often staffed with volunteers.

Digital signage can reduce the burden placed on the information desk by sharing timely information and answering frequently asked questions. Digital signage appeals to a large range of demographics, from young children to older individuals who may have difficulty reading small print on flyers and brochures.

Event schedules in real time

It is a no-brainer to consider adding event schedules to digital signage. All the information that is sent by newsletter or email also can be shared on the screen. Book club meetings, readings by local authors, political and community group gathering, and sales in the library book store are just a few. And if you use digital signage, updates and cancellations can be shared immediately with anyone passing by.


Wayfinding has been a popular feature of many digital signage programs, especially at large institutions such as universities and medical centers, and at tourist attractions that cover many acres of ground. While most libraries would not be considered “sprawling” spaces, most do have separate areas for music, research, fiction, periodicals and children’s materials, and many cover several levels of a single building.

A digital map scheduled at frequent intervals on a digital sign slide program can reduce printing costs for paper maps and volunteer time spent directing guests.

Keeping down costs

Many libraries are non-profit entities, or at the very least, operating on an extremely tight budget. The cost-to-benefit return on investment on digital signage is a huge bonus for these kinds of institutions. With easy-to-use hardware, and limited training required, any employee can be taught to manage the messaging shared on digital signage, and changes can be made quickly without significant disruption to the display or the employee’s schedule.

Want to learn more about how our software can benefit your library? Contact us today at info@reachmedianetwork.com!


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Drive Digital Signage Engagement with Social Media

ds-img56You may not think there are a lot of similarities between digital signage and social media, but think again-both digital signage and social media provide dynamic,  on-the-fly information that can be seen on a variety of devices including screens, tablets, and mobile phones. More and more, facilities are adding social media announcements, widgets, etc. through their content management system because it offers customer engagement, dynamic content and a new communication channel unlike any other, without having to do duplicate work.

When combining social media with digital signage there are some important points to keep in mind:

Consider your audience

While people of all ages use social media, some demographics are definitely stronger on certain social media sites than on others. For example, Facebook is trending toward more mature users, while Twitter is largely dominated by Generation X, and Instagram is popular among adults in their 30s and younger. These aren’t set-in-stone rules, but facilities need to consider their audience and what social media platforms will work best. Going a step further it is also important to consider which social media platforms you integrate with your digital signage. For example, if you’re in a highly visual business such as retail or restaurants, Instagram would be the best choice as it provides strong visual presence.



Social media is a two-way conversation. By engaging with your audience,, you reward them for being brand advocates-when a member or customer shares a positive message about your facility or business on social media, respond with thanks, perhaps re-share the content or otherwise make positive contact with that member or customer. These types of positive social media conversations showing up on your digital signage entertain  and keep your signage current and dynamic.

Create Hashtags

Let’s face it-Hashtags are a part of our everyday language now! They can be a great way to connect with your audience, while also building your brand for your digital signage. Ideally, you should create a hashtag specific to your brand that’s unique, brand-relevant, yet easy to spell and relatively concise. In addition, you may want to occasionally create hashtags around new products, information, or even events.

And more..

With the explosion in the popularity of social media, it was only a matter of time before facilities and businesses started combining social media content with their digital signage-why not start now? Whether you share positive tweets from Twitter to improve morale, or  share customer comments or pictures, you immediately increase the excitement factor both on your digital signage and your social media presence. Together these two technologies can do more than either of them could do individually.


Want to learn more about our software? Contact REACH today at info@reachmedianetwork.com!


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What sets REACH apart?


In today’s world, there are hundreds of digital signage companies out there-from selling you the hardware to the software-so why REACH? What sets us a part from the competition?

Our company has been around for 10+ years and has evolved tremendously over those 10 years. Our main focus is the software-developed in-house by our experts. Our content management system provides you with the flexibility on how you want to display your content, when/where it will be displayed, who has control of the content, etc. as well as hundreds of integration options, from schedules to RSS feeds, to ultimately increase productivity and decrease duplicate workload.

Our displays are purely dynamic and widget based-meaning, we provide a quick and easy way to choose from a variety of widgets, as well as customize the background to your logo, colors, and design. Our widgets include: weather, time & date, announcements, schedule, sports scores, news headlines, social media, RSS feeds, video, and live TV. Our content management system allows you to change all of your content on-the-fly and instantly display your messages and information to your audience.

So what’s our “secret sauce”? With a 98% retention rate, our partners stick with us year after year due to the ease-of-use and effectiveness of our content management system, second-to-none customer service, and most affordable software for the options and flexibility offered. Our software is designed for the basic user and provide a quick and easy tool to update information in real-time, as well as manage user-permissions at various levels. We also make it as simple as possible for you to pull in information you already are using from a different source (ex. Google Calendar).  Our support team continuously receives positive feedback on their service and reliability, quick response time, as well as continuous support on technology improvements to enhance the user experience.

Want to learn more on how our software can help enhance your digital communications? Contact us today at info@reachmedianetwork.com!

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