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Adding Video Content to your Signage: Why it’s a MUST!



In today’s world of digital signage, a screen without video is like a TV without color-it lacks the animation and dimension needed to engage your audience, as well as communicate your message effectively. Whether you are looking to feed an important message to your members or team, or simply catch your customer’s eye, the engagement videos can bring your your screen will bring more appeal to your other announcements rotating through your screen.

To dive in deeper, here are a few reasons why to ensure you include video within your digital signage software:

Videos bring action

“Action” doesn’t always mean getting your members or customers purchase a new product or service-the action can be very simple. You may want your members to turn in a registration form on time, or direct patients within a waiting room to the sign-in window. About 50% of the time, your users will take some sort of action after viewing a video ad.

Videos increase retention & understanding

Videos increase the viewer’s understanding of your message by an incredible 74% over static images. In order for your members or customers to purchase your product/service, they need to envision how it will work for them-convenience and enjoyment is key.

Videos bring emotional associations with your facility/company

Videos have a greater chance of conveying emotion than text of a static image as they use more of our senses-like dynamic sight. Think of an ad-any ad-first on to pop into your mind. Out of the millions of ads you’ve seen in your life, the one that surfaced your mind did so due to it made you feel something: happiness, security, or even anger or fear. The strong emotional appeal can have a magnetic effect on viewers of your digital signage.

Videos are more attractive

Video is motion graphics-when something moves, we look at it. The simplest argument for using video is that it grabs attention. When you’re sitting in traffic and the digital billboard on the side of the road is displaying animated text, you’re likely to watch and read the message. The billboard with the single, static advertisement that you’ve seen hundreds of times is more likely to be ignored. Instead of glancing, like you do to the static billboard, you watch the moving billboard. This is a huge benefit to the content creator of the billboard. Moving images are the ideal medium for obtaining audience attention and holding it long enough to deliver a message.

Videos simply just work!

Videos work. They capture attention, hold it and leave the viewer with a distinct, memorable impression. All available data backs up those claims. If you’ve invested in REACH’s digital signage, keep in mind-adding video within your static content will allow you to make the most of your content management system. Your messages deserve the best!





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Room Schedule Displays: Top 5 Benefits

One of the biggest assets that sets REACH apart from the competition is our scheduling software and integration capabilities. Whether you are looking to pull in existing data from your current scheduling software (ex. Google Calendar, ActiveNet, RecTrac, etc.), or looking to start from scratch on our CMS scheduling tool, room schedule displays have become a popular method for facilities to control organization for internal appointments, meetings, classes, events, and more!

Expanding beyond traditional digital signage, we have put together the top 5 benefits of using our room schedule displays:

  1. Increased Efficiency: When effective schedule integrations/software is implemented, it makes an entire facility run more smoothly and efficiently. Our software allows for your audience to quickly find available rooms, utilize automatic workflow, and find more information on events/classes going on during a specific day, week, etc.
  2. Increased Productivity: Reduce “no shows”, double-booking, and overall wasted time. Avoid duplicate work by integrating with your current scheduling software. Allow your audience to access all meeting, class, and event information in one place and see immediate changes in real-time.
  3. Customization: Our room schedule displays allow to customize to your brand and content displayed. Not only will you be able to display your schedules, but you can also display your screen announcements within your room schedule displays. Why not use it as a marketing tool as well!
  4. Accessibility: Allow your users to view different schedules, meeting information, and time instantly on each room schedule display tablet.
  5. Support: Easily reserve room space, equipment, etc. through the software. Relieve the stress of a resource not being available at the time of the meeting or event!

Want to learn more about our room schedule displays? Contact us today at info@reachmedianetwork.com.

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Why Digital Signage in Healthcare?

There are multiple reasons why you should consider digital signage for your healthcare facility-for example, patient wait time is a perfect opportunity to incorporate REACH’s digital signage. Our software allows you to send targeted messages from a central point, be it a reception desk or a communications department, and update all of your content in real-time through our web-based content management system.

Many clinics and hospitals already benefit from digital signage as it is a versatile and cost effective tool to allow your messages not only to display at one location, but multiple locations across your network. Send out key health advice, season warnings, staff messages, etc. through our easy-to-use platform. To ensure to not only get your messages across, but to entertain your patients, our software allows for video, social media feeds, etc.

On a daily basis, health care facilities see traffic from hundreds or sometimes even thousands of people. To keep communication running smoothly, efficiency is key. Here are 5 important reasons why your facility should consider our digital signage for your health care building:

1. Employee Communication

Instantly provide your employees with important information. Being one of the most dynamic workplaces, it’s challenging to keep staff updated on internal news. Sometimes there is just no time for medical personnel to read emails or even engage in a conversation with co-workers. Our signage is an ideal way to inform staff members about meetings, events, construction, and even room schedules, to keep everyone in the loop.

2. Provide Direction

A hospital can be a real maze if you aren’t familiar with the building. It doesn’t come as a surprise that one of the most important uses for digital signs in health care is in helping people find their way. Directional signage screens can help patients and visitors find where they need to go quickly and easily, making hospital visits and stays less stressful.

3. Emergency Alerts

Sometimes the sound of an alarm bell doesn’t get to everyone — especially in hospitals, where some staff members are harder to reach; additionally, it might cause panic in a building that holds thousands of people by setting off a blaring alarm. Highly visible signage alerts with simple instructions make sure everyone heads to the nearest exit without causing chaos.

4. Compliance rules

While occasional compliance training is proven to be helpful, medical staff might not always remember what was said months or even years ago. Employees can be kept on their toes by repetitively communicating compliance rules and regulations with the help of strategically placed screens throughout the facility.

5. Waiting Rooms

Let’s face it, waiting rooms aren’t too enjoyable; especially those that don’t allow the use of mobile phones. Our signage can be set up to provide patients with interesting content, such as social media feeds, video, news feeds or general health care tips.

Want to learn more on how our signage can be of service to your health care facility? Contact us today at 952-944-7727 ext. 214 or info@reachmedianetwork.com

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Key Tips to Launch your Digital Signage successfully



You purchased your digital signage-now what? You know it is a great resource for your employees and members, but how can you ensure engagement right out of the gate? Without some planning, you could end up with ignored screens and wasted time. With a little extra effort, REACH’s software can ensure to impress your colleagues with interactive content for effective engagement. How you ask? Here are a few tips we recommend prior to launch:

  1. Attainable Goals

It’s important to decide what your main goal you want to achieve from your digital signage. Create a plan and measure the success on a routine basis through your key staff members and ensure you have the right people trained by our experts to know all of your options in displaying your content.

2. Creating Content

Creating engaging content can be one of the most important steps in deploying your digital signage. Our user-friendly software makes it easy to input your message(s) with a variety of background, photo, and widget options to ensure your information is relevant and displayed exactly how you want it.

3. Locations

Decide where you are placing your screens by where your audience will be most engaged. Just because an area gets a lot of foot traffic, doesn’t mean it’s going to be the best location. Think of where your audience is experiencing wait-time (break rooms, elevators, etc).

4. Marketing

Build anticipation with your audience by letting them know to look out for the new and exciting communication tool(s). Build a countdown, post on social media, etc. Not only is it important to advertise prior to your initial launch, but continuing to market throughout the year, keeping your content relevant and engaging.

5. Feedback

Feedback can be the greatest tool for long-term success. Encourage your staff and members to submit feedback on what’s working for them, what could use improvement, and who knows what new ideas may come about from their opinions!

6. Branding

Ensure you are meeting all brand requirements to ensure your content isn’t sending a contradictory message and that it is an extension of your core communication strategy. Our graphic design experts will work with you to create top-of-the-line backgrounds and designed to your approval.

7. Track your Success

Metrics are crucial on tracking the success of your digital signage. Tie it to revenue, to impressions that are reaching your audience, engagement, etc. Focus on the long-term goal of your digital signage and continuing to provide relative content to your members.

Want to learn more on how REACH can help with your communication needs? Contact us today: info@reachmedianetwork.com

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Digital Signage Placements: Where will they stare?

corp-img15When you think about digital signage, the most common place your mind wanders to is a main lobby or in a common waiting area. Start to think outside the box: many successful deployments of digital signage utilize placement areas you normally wouldn’t think offhand. Why you ask?

People today are more and more absorbed into their own daily tasks, personal thoughts, and already on an electronic device, aka. their phone. Start thinking like a patron and place your signage in areas where people are more likely to linger: lounges, break rooms, by the elevator, etc. Your audience will be more inclined to watch your signage while waiting for time to pass for the next thing on their schedule.

In today’s environment, it is quite common for a facility to have at least one digital sign-now a days, it is time to think of expanding your network-sharing announcements, scheduling information, and even live news feeds to multiple screens around your business, campus, fitness facility, etc.

We have put together the top 5 “unusual”, yet very effective, digital signage placement options:

1.Outside bathrooms

Yes, it seems very odd, right? However, think about how many times a day within, an office for example, your employees walk to the bathroom. Its enviable that each person will go there at some point during the day-not only will this give your audience something to glance at while washing their hands, but it will also give a modern boost to your content when and where they will pay attention most and likely to see your message you are trying to get across.

2. Outside Elevators

Make your audience’s time go by faster waiting for that elevator that may be coming down from the 27th floor. They will immediately be engaged to dynamic sign that is placed right by the “countdown of floors” and be more entertaining for your patrons.

3. Waiting Lines

Whether your patrons are grabbing a bite to eat in your cafeteria or waiting to check-in, if you’re like me-patience can be hard to handle! Filling your audience’s ‘valuable’ time with informative and entertaining content is key-keep them occupied with the latest news feeds, videos, or even social media posts!

4. ATMS and vending machines

Traditional vending machines and ATMs are, let’s face it, outdated. Get with the times and add a digital sign in front of your ATMs and vending machines, providing your audience with the latest bank interest rates, nutritional information, etc. so your consumer can get the information in the right place at the right time. Advertise specials or promotions to increase sales!

5. Furniture

Imagine you’re sitting down to eat lunch and their a screen directly in front of you-with live weather information, news content, and information on what’s happening for the week-you’re audience is able to view all the information at once with our dynamic-based software. People will look at a digital screen 50% longer than static signs, according to Intel’s AVA Study. Add animation and flow of content to your screen to keep your patron’s engaged, and more likely to spend more money at the cafeteria as a result!

Want to learn more on how you can expand your digital signage network? Contact us today at 952-944-7727 ext. 4 or info@reachmedianetwork.com


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