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Ditch the Paper & Go Digital!


A busy Monday morning full of meetings or members trying to start off their week with a workout at 6am-if a room is double-booked, if members or attendees are unaware of the “who, what, and when’s”, the hassles can quickly snowball into a state of confusion and throw off a day’s schedule, leaving an unsatisfied audience. No matter now clear and simple your system appears to be, there’s always a chance of human error. Making minor improvements, like adding room schedule displays to your facility, can make a big impact in keeping the flow of daily events and communication to your audience.

Whether you are looking to integrate with your existing schedule or digital signage or build your own room schedulers from scratch, a high-performing software solution is key to your communication success. Having a flexible platform, like the REACH software, will also ensure that content is easily presented on-the-fly. Choosing from multiple scheduling designs, integrating with your current schedule software, as well as adding in your current signage announcements sets this software apart from its competitors. With interactive capability, it makes the process of finding a specific meeting or class time & place very simple. No matter how big or small your facility may be, the addition of room schedulers can be very effective in reaching your audience from a deeper level.

If you don’t have existing digital signage, it may be useful to add these along with the room schedule displays. Why you ask? The answer is simple. Important meetings or events can be displayed in a large format on your signage; adding in images, animation, and even video will catch your audiences’ attention to dive in further to learn about the event or meeting, leading them to your room schedulers. This is an effective and easy way to ensure your communication is clear and loud without having to say a word-What’s even better? Your announcements and schedules are still managed from the same platform on your content management system!

From convention centers, hotels, government centers, and fitness centers, we have seen huge success and increase in audience engagement throughout our partners. We make it easy! Learn how you can benefit from our room schedulers and get a virtual tour today by contacting: kgibson@reachmedianetwork.com; 952-944-7727 ext. 214.

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13 Key Tips for Mobile App Marketing 2016


With over 800,000+ apps in the app stores today, it is crucial to not only focus on the design for your app, but also focus on the importance of marketing your app, not only during launch, but over the course of each year.

Below are 13 key tips for mobile app marketing, which will in turn, help you get more user engagement, mileage and downloads.

1. Mobile app Website

Promote your mobile app on your facility’s website by having prominent app download links for both Apple & Google on your website.

Make your website clear and provide answers to all FAQs about your app in a simplistic manner. Websites should also display contact numbers for further assistance to help your members or visitors instantly with any further questions they may have.

2. Mobile app Review Sites

Make sure the important mobile app review sites for your industry have reviewed your app. There are many mobile app review sites which function in specific industries and areas. Connect with the one’s most important to your market and send your info if they have not already reviewed you.

3. Right forums

Discuss about your apps in right forums and provide download links. Look for the popular forums in your market and get hold of right threads which can gain you more users, and ultimately, more downloads. Answer questions and look for the questions where your app provides a solution and take advantage by referring your app to the forum member who is finding the related solution/s.

4. PR and Media

PR and Media is one of the most important pieces in promoting your app to reaching out to all audiences in your target market. Spend the necessary money, especially during the launch phase, through the PR and media promotions to engage with your audience right off the bat. Media loves stories-especially ones a user can relate to. Connecting with your audience on a more personal level within the media can cause word-of-mouth and social media marketing through your users to gain you some free coverage.

5. Highlight Important Functionality of your app

Highlight what buttons are most important for your audience you use on your app. Whether it’s push notifications, the schedule, membership bar code scanner, etc. These days, people want their information fast and want to know exactly what to look for. Catch their attention right away by highlighting the main usability for the app; the first impression of your app is critical for audience retention.

6. Reach to locals

Leverage personal and professional relationships to promote your app during events, classes, etc. Your staff and members are an inexpensive resource to talk about your app. Social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn should become a means of your app promotion. Interlink and go about branding everywhere.

7. Email Newsletters

Send emails to your staff and member list promoting your app throughout the year to ensure you are reaching any new users, as well as any changes you have made to your app from feedback you may receive after launch. Send appropriate download links needed within the email for facilitating instant downloads.

8. Social Media Advertisements

Invest in social media ads after analyzing which one is working best for you in your promotions. For example, a B2B corporate app may get more results by promoting LinkedIn ads while a fitness or recreation facility will get more results from Facebook or Twitter ads.

9. Referrals

Create a rewards referral system to entice the current users of your app to promote to their friends and other members to gain more downloads and engagement for your app.

10. QR Code Promotions

Promote QR codes everywhere-Instantly provide a quick way to download your app across all social media, through your website, flyers, events and email marketing messages. Remember to include key functionality of your app to encourage and excite users on why they should download your app.

11. Apple App Store & Google Play Store Promotions

The App Stores are a great way to provide a quick promotion and steadily increase your downloads. Continue to provide updates to the app in order to promote a few new or existing functionality to keep your audience engaged.

Do not miss  the opportunity to highlight keywords.  Optimizing the details page on the Play Stores will get you more visibility and more searchability.

12. Leverage Video

Videos are best for promotions, as an average user nowadays is more inclined towards watching a video than reading through a long article.

Videos have taken over and is a big marketing tool nowadays for content marketing. Create a video for your mobile app with a clear call to action and promote it through YouTube, Facebook, etc.

13. Appropriate Communities

Discuss about your apps in right communities, internally or externally, which might be interested in your app. Do a demographic analysis of your target market so that it becomes easier to find out and start discussing to the right audience after identifying their potential.

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Why Digital Signage for your YMCA Branches


Heavily dependent on flyers and posters to promote memberships and services? Looking to reduce clutter and standardize your communication and messaging across all branches and locations? Look no further-our robust digital signage software can do just that!

One of the main reasons more and more YMCAs are turning to our signage and software is to maintain the consistency of their messaging throughout all branches, as well as stay compliant to all brand standards. No need to worry about messages not being updated because someone forgot to take a flyer out of a frame-with our software, you are able to make sure every branch has the most fresh, relevant information quickly and more efficiently than ever before!

With your members being able to check the weather at a glance as they head out the door, see the latest social media post, and other endless options, there are lots of little perks to having signage that goes beyond what flyering did. Use your signage to push specific programs or initiatives that your Y wants to promote internally to your members, such as special events, membership drives, daycamp enrollment, or fundraising pushes.

The flexibility of our system allows your Y system to push out messaging to all of your branches and locations, but also allows individual locations to customize content with their own messaging, allowing them to have a unique look and feel while also maintaining the brand identity.

Having user permissions-from approving an announcement before it goes live on the screen(s) to having the ability to update certain branches-you are able to control what your employees have access to instantly from a facility admin account.

What are you waiting for? Increase your membership, program registration and retention rates today with REACH digital software!

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The Value of Digital Signage in Today’s Church


“Should our church have a website?” or “Should we use projectors and screens in our worship center?”-To many, those questions seem almost laughable now. Today, it’s a given that majority of churches have a website and the use of projectors in worship on a weekly basis.

For those looking to connect with your followers, the technology that sits at the head of the curve is now digital signage. The question many churches are now asking: “Should our church embrace digital signage?”

The answer is yes, no matter the size of your ministry. Of course, REACH’s digital signage, like a website, functions to provide information and value to your audience. There are several distinct advantages in using digital signage in your church as a key way to share internal communication:

Digital signage serves as an easy-to-update announcement tool

Still, there may be the need for the occasional church bulletin, but many churches today are adopting for more efficient and productive way to communicate need-to-know information to their congregation – service times, special announcements, outreach programs, bible study times, even special offers or sales within a café or bookstore. Having digital signage available throughout your building makes it easy for members to stay informed and for visitors to get a feel for what the church’s vision and mission is like.

Using digital signage can bring a community together

Sharing information about member-owned businesses, recognizing staff members or highlighting the accomplishments of people throughout your church allows viewers to learn more about the area in which they live and serve.

Another useful aspects of REACH’s digital signage solution lies in the ability to utilize and update certain information dynamically. News feeds, local weather, and videos are a few of the examples of this kind of content a church can share with its congregation. I

Digital signage is much easier to update

The set-up is simple-our software runs from a compute stick or PC that hooks into the back of your screen and the content can be managed from any computer by access a website for your content management system. Having one PC or compute stick per screen allows for maximum flexibility in determining what content is shown on each screen, allowing you to customize the content on individual screens.

The beauty of this is that your content is easy-to-update and modify. Announcements and videos can be set to a schedule –eliminating the need for real-time management. Integrating with a scheduling software and social media outlets can also eliminate workload, while still ensuring you are able to get your messages across to a variety of audiences.

As it was with developing a church website, in a short time, integrating REACH’s digital signage in your church’s communication strategy will become an essential in communicating and connecting socially with your church’s community.

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Make the most of your digital signage over the holidays

The holiday season is upon us which means it’s time to step up your digital signage game!

Shopping is on the rise and consumers are out to spend their money on the people they care about.  No matter where potential customers may be shopping/eating/meeting, it is essential that your company beats competitors by making their experience efficient, unique and memorable.

Whether you are a business, fitness facility, or school,  digital signage is an extremely powerful medium that will help you increase your ROI all year round. But there are a few things you can do to enhance your sales using digital signage over the festive period that are easy to implement.

  • Display your holiday offers and promotions clearly –
    Everybody loves a bargain, especially around the holidays.
    Show your consumers and members how they can benefit from buying goods, a new membership offering, class packages, etc. You might have one screen, a network of screens or still looking into deploying digital signage – but keep your offers and promotions a priority on your display.
  • Get personal – Give your digital signage an interactive element and make your consumers and members feel a part of your facility. Use a call-to-action such as asking them to tweet about their experience or their favorite holiday item, follow you on facebook or sign up to your newsletter. All of these things are memorable and will certainly make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Showcase what makes you different –  The power of video and images are astonishing, and people do want to know about the background of your facility and why you are different from your competitors. Display your testimonials and past events this holiday and show your customers and members why they are making the right choice by spending
    with you.
  • Update content on a regular basis – One of the most exciting features of digital
    signage is its ability to offer real-time updates whenever you decide. You might have
    a last minute deal thanks to a seasonal trend, or you may be interested in thinking of
    different ways to entertain your customers and members. If you make the time to update your content regularly you will see a huge improvement on interest and return on

Digital signage is a great way for you to boost your sales and brand awareness throughout the whole year, but over the festive period taking advantage of all the features is especially beneficial. Consumers & members are on the rise and celebratory outings too, so why not make the most of it this year and start increasing your ROI with your digital signage!

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