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Quick and Easy way to display schedules on your website!



Looking for a more affordable, simple way to display your facility or company’s schedules into your website? Look no further! Our new dynamic, easily customizable web-based calendar is guaranteed to be more convenient for your users, as well as save you money!

Display all your events for your facility(s) on one platform. Selectively show events from various schedules with our drop-down option. Three different views allows your calendar to cater to your user by month, week, and day. A drill-down selection menu is included to make it seamless to view your calendar by certain category, class, etc.

The individual events themselves can be clicked on to display more information about the event, as well as offering the options to print the event or even add it to their own software calendar.

Viewing events from the past and future are easy-to-view by selecting the date on a mini-calendar, located on the same page, as well as clicking on the arrows on either side.

Finally, there are many options when it comes to customization: add specific colors for the legend, color coding different categories, choose what day the calendar will start on, etc. Whatever look and feel you are looking to portray, we can create it.

Already have a scheduling software or using REACH to display your schedules to your signage or mobile app? No problem. We can automatically integrate with your software.

Want to learn more? Contact us today: kgibson@reachmedianetwork.com.

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Why Educational Institutions need Digital Signage Now

This generation has been raised on technology and animated images. Walk around any high school, college, or university campus and you will most likely find not find a student walking around without a cell phone, iPad, iPod, etc. That is why REACH’s digital signage solution is the natural fit for communicating with today’s generation of students. Students are more likely to pay attention to an eye-catching screen with colorful, moving graphics than a boring bulletin board. With the our software solution, our digital signage can be used in education, from primary schools through to higher education establishments to help you facilitate your message easily and efficiently with maximum impact.  Here are 5 ways a digital signage solution can benefit your school or University.

Digital Signage for Universities


1)      Increase Safety

Unfortunately, safety emergencies, threats, and weather alerts occur on school campuses across the United States almost every day. Vital information about these events needs to be available to students immediately, and it can be easily done through REACH’s digital signage. More importantly-information for where to take cover or exit during the emergency-can be specified for different locations around your school or campus. For example, your digital signage solution can be set up to have pre-customized emergency procedure messages per location and send out instantly.


2)      Enhance Connections

An obvious use of digital signage is to inform students, faculty, and staff. Deployed in public areas such as building entrances, cafeterias, student lounges, libraries and facility lobbies, our software can provide a critical link between campus administrators and the student body and facility. For day-to-day use, information can be segmented and published to the areas across your school or campus where it is most applicable. Basic announcements, such as games and sports events, can be published by the field or gym, while announcements and photos of the school play can be displayed by the auditorium.  Our digital signage can be used to effectively coordinate content and delivery of important information to the right place and audience at the right time enhancing a school-wide connection.


3)      Navigation

Navigating around a large school or university can be quite the challenge for guests and students. Our solutions can make the life of students and guests a lot easier by using our interactive kiosks at the entrance of your buildings. These can be used to welcome guests and new students, provide way-finding around campus and within the building, allow them to search directories, and provide a calendar of events.

4)      Generate Revenue

Using REACH’s dynamic software, our digital signage solution can generate revenue through a variety of tools offered to create advertisements and the ability to target to specific audience’s. For example, Digital displays by the campus bookstore can advertise sales to draw students in. Cafeterias can draw students in advertising delicious food images of  the day’s “specials” on digital displays. At the gym or box office ticket packages and upcoming events can be advertised as well. The opportunities for revenue generation through digital signage can also extend off campus as well. You can generate revenue from local retailers and eateries wanting to advertise to hundreds or thousands of students and staff. The opportunities to increase revenue through our digital signage at your school or campus are endless.

Every day, more and more schools and universities are using our software solution to inform, educate, and alert their campuses, but this is more than just a trend. It’s becoming a tried and true method for communicating with hundreds or even thousands of students, faculty, and staff across k-12, college, and university campuses.


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Upgrade your Lobby with REACH Digital Signage


These days, every business is looking for ways to make their space more digitally connected, and for some, more interactive – what better place to provide a digital solution than your main lobby?

As your lobby is the first area your employees and customers enter your building, our digital signage provides you with a “hot spot” for marketing your brand, informing your visitors, and keeping your employees up-to-date with internal communications all while saving you time, money, and hassle compared to traditional signage.

With our robust software, you can easily get up and running with a variety of engaging content on your screens, managing your information real time, and even integrating with news feeds, social media, and other forms of communication that will attract your audience to your main message(s).

1. Who uses digital lobby signage?

Many different types of establishments use digital signage within their lobbies, including but not limited to:

  • Hotels: Hotels are probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of digital lobby signage, which it can serve numerous purposes including events, everyday news, etc.
  • Offices: Both small businesses and corporate offices use digital signage in their office for internal communications or welcoming visitors.
  • Schools: Digital signage in school lobbies keep campuses connected and students and visitors informed.
  • Medical offices: With patient care technology advancing every minute, so has digital signage for their offices.
  • Banks: Waiting at the bank is a lot less dull with our digital signage.
  • Commercial real estate: Digital signage is a huge value add for commercial real estate spaces, especially when it comes to directories and wayfinding.

2. Why use digital signage?

Our Digital signage has several advantages over traditional signage. Here are just a few reasons to switch to digital:

  • Easy updating: can be easily updated at any time, with changes and new content appearing instantly.
  • Liven up your lobby: Traditional lobby signs are static, whereas our digital signage is dynamic, interactive and adaptable. One lobby screen can show a wide array of content, from web pages to directories to news feeds.
  • Modernize your lobby: Having digital lobby signs gives your entire space a modern, technologically-savvy feel to it.
  • Enhance the customer/guest experience: In addition to serving necessary functions, it can make the customer/guest experience better. REACH’s digital signage can provide your audience with not only information they need, but also supplemental information they didn’t think of asking for.
  • Help grow your business: Some uses of our digital signage can actually help your business gain exposure. Digital signage also gives your lobby a unique touch that will get people talking about you.
  • Make your employees’ jobs easier: they can be a rich source of information, answering customer/guest questions that are usually left up to your employees.

3. How can digital signage be used?

With so many types of businesses using digital signage comes numerous potential uses of it, including but not limited to:

Digital wayfinding

Lobby displays featuring a map or directory of the building can help customers and guests find their way without even having to approach the front desk. A lobby directory within your signage is particularly fitting for hotels, commercial real estate and school campuses.

Soliciting and showcasing reviews

Digital lobby signage gives hotels and other businesses where reviews are vital a way to show off your latest star-ratings or even include a call-to-action asking patrons to submit a review.

Entertaining customers and guests as they wait

When is the last time you waited in a lobby without looking down at your smartphone? Digital signage displaying entertaining content in your lobby, such as a live news feed, social media wall, or video can give your patrons another way to pass the time. You may also want to provide them with other relevant content they may find useful, e.g. health advice in a medical office lobby or financial tips in a bank lobby.

Improving internal communications

The office lobby is usually the first area your employees see when they walk into work, making digital signage an ideal internal communications tool. Companies large or small can display news and announcements, employee achievements, key dashboards or company social media feeds. It’s a worthwhile effort, as effective internal communications has proven benefits for employee engagement and productivity.

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8 Tips to Increase the Power of your Push Notifications


Driving consumer engagement via apps can be one of the top challenges for mobile marketers.

Push Notifications provide a cost effective way to send messages via your mobile app to your audience’s device and waking up the phone-producing a message on screen, with the intention of your user to open your app.

While push notifications are effective, you have to be careful not to “over-push” to users as it can be as detrimental as spam. Peppering your audience with annoying and persistent messages that aren’t offering them any value will most likely result in the app being forgotten or uninstalled and could ultimately be seen in a negative manner.

It’s important that as this technology develops and further upgrades such as options to interact are part of common practice, your messages deliver a useful service via your app.

Know your limits

As mentioned above, good push can add a huge amount of value to your audience and advance your facility. Measure success and failure from the outset and learn how much is too much. While some of your users are happy to receive multiple messages others will not want any. Our app gives your users the options to opt in or out for this very reason.

A good place to start is less than two pushes per week-this way you know you aren’t becoming annoying and you can use audience feedback to judge whether to increase or decrease your messaging.

Keep Your Consumers in the Loop

Your mobile app provides an excellent way to reach consumers on the move and at any time of day. Because of this, it is important that the audience is aware of how to change their settings; whether this is to change when they receive messages or to opt out completely. Use one of your first notifications with your new audience to let them know that you are sensitive to their needs and where to find these options.

Be precise and focused

Push notifications give you the option to provide limited content, so remember that when the user sees it, it may only be for a matter of seconds. In this time they will decide whether or not they are interested in what your are suggesting.

Keep your pushes as short as possible to ensure they can be consumed in the short period of time available and make as big an impact as possible. Remember that should they click on the notification they will launch the app anyway, where they can get as much information as they’d like!

Make Sure They Know What You Want

With a short message, your top priority is to make your call to action as simple, straight-forward and obvious as possible.

When writing your message make sure it is immediately clear to your user; what exactly it is that you want them to do, and what they will get if they do it. A call to action is after all an exchange-you are making an offer to the user, which if they respond will benefit them in some way.

Add Value, Always

Your messaging should be driven by what you already know about your users. You should create a personal relationship with every user on your app, and broadcast “shouts” at your users, as standard content isn’t likely to make those sorts of deeper connections.


Be Personal

Personalised communications not only grab attention but provide the opportunity to be more specific. Segment your audience to make your users feel that you are talking directly with them, providing them with a unique experience.

Grow and Evolve

Specific messaging is a great way of grabbing attention and calling your users to action. By delivering time specific messages, you are more likely to drive visits and action, and you can follow up a time specific message with another reminder to make sure your user has seen the message. A sense of urgency is a great way to drive engagement.

Fill the Missing Link

Every message has a voice, whether it comes from print, online, in-store or mobile. Make sure your app messaging has the same voice. Your app is a mobile extension of your business which is available 24 hours a day. Brand objectives are the same in the mobile space as they are elsewhere, just make sure they don’t miss your users’ expectations and that you continue to be responsive to the fact that mobile is a separate channel.


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Why your school needs digital signage now


It comes to no surprise to hear young people in the demographic group called “millenials” are consuming the majority of their news and entertainment information through some kind of digital screen outlet. In fact, according to a study done by Deloitte, even the old standby, the television, is becoming a “secondary source”, pushed aside by handheld phone or tablet devices.

It may come as common sense, but any business or organization who plans on targeting their information at this group should be utilizing digital communications they are more likely to notice and trust. Increasingly, digital signage in education is spreading quickly through REACH; it’s visually interesting and an efficient way of communicating school activities and important information as 97 percent of students prefer to receive information via digital channels.

There are numerous ways digital signage panels can be utilized to reach your desired audience, but below, you will find a few reasons to consider the use of digital signage to reach your students effectively and efficiently. Why you ask? Digital signage frees up space, can display vital emergency information immediately, and above all, capture your viewers attention.

Reduce clutter and confusion

Think back to those giant bulletin boards that took up large amounts of wall space and were  cluttered with outdated information or unapproved flyers? Our digital signage can free up that space, making approval for posts mandatory and impossible to get around, and put the maintenance in the hands of one or two staff members rather than multiple users.

Emergency alerts

More and more campuses are utilizing students’ cellphones to push out emergency information in real-time through text or email messages. Complementing those one-to-one student communications, a digital signage system used throughout a school campus is an efficient and immediate way to alert students and staff who may not have access via their phone to any weather or security-related emergencies. Standard messages can be kept in your que of announcements to be posted when needed, or new messages can be created on the fly to address any unexpected situations that arise.

Captive audience

No matter what kind of education facility you visit, there are always locations where students are a target audience as they stand in line. In the library, at the main office or in the cafeteria, a dynamic digital signage display will catch their attention more effectively than a flyer posted on a bulletin board. Weather reports, deadlines, weekly specials… there is no limit to the kinds of information you can share. And, since you are sharing more than one message with each announcement — the return on investment is easy to see in reduced usage of paper and ink, not to mention a better informed target audience.


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