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Why Wayfinding?

Your digital signage plays a large role in marketing products. The product, in general, is recognized as one of the most successful methods in grabbing consumer attention with nearly 1 in 5 of those who viewed an announcement via digital signage has made an unplanned decision or purchase after viewing the event or item on your screen(s). This advertising method can even be effectively used for other services, such as wayfinding.

Wayfinding provides consumers and members an easy way to direct them to their desired destination. Wayfinding is often displayed within a building and is an efficient self-service source. These can be color-coded as well and include helpful icons, for example, the “You are here” locator, and help guide individuals to the right direction. As wayfinding maps are becoming increasingly interactive and paper maps are being more obsolete, a quick touch of a screen can provide helpful information on the destination as well as provide step-by-step directions within seconds. They can also be used in a variety of industries, such as university campuses and healthcare settings.

Benefits of Wayfinding Maps:

  • Reduces the time spent at a location and alleviates the need to contact staff for assistance.
  •  Extremely easy to upload new changes to the system and the updates can be made in real time.
  • Utilized for advertisements, announcements, and provides information on products and services a facility offers.
  • Customizable to your facility’s brand and overall theme.

Wayfinding is just one of the many ways digital signage is being used to enhance the consumer experience. It also alleviates pressure among staff members to provide information that could be easily relayed through digital signage.

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Common Digital Announcement Mistakes: What NOT to do!

You successfully deployed a digital signage solution that fits your needs-now what? After your initial training, can navigate your CMS software — but do you actually know how to reap the benefits of digital signage?

Simple: create eye-catching fresh content! Sound painful? You’re not alone; many users struggle to keep their content looking “awe” worthy- The good news is that most common digital content blunders are easy to fix! After making a few simple changes to your strategy, you will see an instant increase in audience engagement. To get you started, here are the four common mistakes facilities seem to make when creating content for their digital signage:

1. Boring content

It doesn’t matter what type of screens you are using — plain content will ruin your audience engagement. Digital signage is meant to attract attention and encourage awareness. If your content is black text on a white background, you might as well throw a tarp over your signs.

While there might not be anything you can do to pep up a message like: “Meeting in the Conference Room at 3 p.m.,” you can make the appearance fun. Photography is a tried-and-true method of engaging audiences. Stock photography is a helpful resource for embellishing generic messages-as well as adding animation. Motion graphics can easily transform slides from boring to mesmerizing. You can also add in short video links to turn longer messages into more appealing content.

2. Stale, moldy slides

Viewers want fresh content on a regular basis. Even if you don’t have a new announcement to add, changing the visual appearance can give old messages a new light. A quick change of the color, images, or animation can work wonders.

3. Information overload

Here’s a full day’s schedule, a message from the facility, and an upcoming event — you have 10 seconds to digest all of that! Go!

Lack of focus leads to confusion. Digital signage is meant to streamline communications, not jam all communication into a short period of time. If one slide covers all the topics of your newsletter … you’re not using your announcement space properly. Keep asides to the side and limit the content of the slide to one idea, for example: “Free Food: Friday, July 24, 2015, 1-3 p.m.”

4. Death by novel

Audiences want brief messages that are easy to digest — so long text passages in a tiny font size is a content disaster. If your audience doesn’t get the message in 3 seconds, you need to delete some text.

Remember, this is digital signage — not an essay. Paragraphs are a turnoff. Try to keep your message to two short sentences at most. If you can’t limit your text, then split your message into multiple slides.

Don’t limit the effectiveness of your digital content with common mistakes. These are easy fixes, and can only lead to improvement. Viewers must stay engaged with fresh, relevant content so that you get the most out of your digital communication products!


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Maximize Audience Engagement with your Layout Design

Once you decide to purchase our digital signage software, the next step is to choose your layout-question is, which digital signage layout and content is best for your audience? Who are you trying to appeal to?

We have broken it down to three main types of audiences and each one can be engaged through different layouts that appeal to them within the viewing environment.

Here are some suggestions to maximize your audience engagement:


  • Viewing time = 1-30 seconds
  • Display location:  in a hallway, near an entrance with no lobby, elevator bay, people walking by and not stopping.
  • Full-Size Announcement layout with date/time and current conditions weather.  No video, no ticker, short graphic messages only.


  • Viewing time = 30-120 seconds
  • Display location:  short lines for cashier or reception desk, people stopping for brief periods of time.
  • Split Announcement & Schedule layout with date/time or weather. No long videos, Short Flash video, short graphic messages.



  • Viewing time = 2-30 minutes
  • Display location:  reception with seating, lounges, cafeteria, break room, anywhere there is seating.
  • Split Announcement & Schedule layout with Social Media or RSS.  No restriction on content types and layout complexity, add live TV for 10+ minute waiting areas.


Although a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t exist, these layout suggestions will help you to reach your target audience, engage their attention and deliver your message in the best digital signage layout possible.

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Are you Prepared? 4 tips for Emergency Alerts



REACH Digital Signage & Mobile App are perfect for communicating information to large numbers of people in diverse locations efficiently. Broadcasting emergency alerts and messages quickly can be vital for your audience.

But there is more involved than just installing digital signage or creating a mobile app — you also have to be prepared with a plan of action.

Here are four tips that can help you be the best at preparing for emergency alerts:

  1. Involve leadership

Communicate digital alert procedures with managers and staff at your facility. Make sure your leadership knows the plan and can direct individuals to safety and to view your digital signage or mobile app for updated information.

  1. Have a backup

You may have a primary employee who oversees management of your signage or app on a regular basis, but in the event of an emergency, can you be sure that employee will be available? Train a few staff members on proper alert protocol just in case you are unable to access your content management system to send out the alert-for example: your primary employee who manages your content may be out to lunch when a fire alarm is triggered or the tornado is headed your way.

  1. Visibility is vital

Your signage should already be placed in high-traffic locations, but when an emergency alert is broadcast, the message needs to be impossible to ignore. For example: If you typically use neutral colors in your messages, create emergency messages using flashing, brightly-colored images and text. For your app, ensure your users know to enable their “emergency” notification tags and/or know how to check the notifications button within the app.

  1. Don’t wait!

Emergencies happen every day in facilities just like yours. Don’t assume that you can put off the creation of a plan for your digital signage or app until later — do it today and be ready for anything!

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Boost motivation & productivity in the workplace with Digital Signage

Keeping your employees connected is just as important as boosting customer experiences. In addition to offering a variety of internal communications, in-house digital signage can help to build staff morale, maximize productivity and enhance employee motivation.

If cost is one of your main barriers to move forward with digital signage in a corporate environment, digital signage can actually reap multiple benefits in the workplace. The McKinsey Global Institute reveals that engaged employees improve productivity by 20-25 percent in organizations, and the potential for revenue is around $1.3 trillion per year!

How do you know what type of content to display? Here are a few options:

  • Implement department-specific screens around the office; display tasks lists and project updates to project/account managers and deploy incentivized sales targets to screens that are visible to your sales and marketing departments
  • Deploy inspirational quotes or daily achievements in real-time to encourage motivation in the workplace
  • Advertise social events and internal activities
  • Integrate a live weather or news feed
  • Integrate schedules
  • Corporate information
  • Staff education
  • Business wins and new product information
  • And much, much more!

Managing the content on your internal screens doesn’t have to be difficult either— it’s enjoyable and can be less time-consuming than you may think.

Create a signage content program and allow others to contribute their ideas. Following approval, provide a department(s) with the responsibility of creating and managing the content. And, to ensure that your screens are regularly updated, why not assign a couple of hours per week (or month) to create new content and add it to a weekly schedule?

Investing in digital signage platform(s) for internal communications is a worthy investment, especially for organizations with multiple offices. Corporate environments continue to see a huge increase in employee engagement and satisfaction. Our CMS allows anyone in your business to create content, but still giving marketing the ability to lock down brand standards.

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