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Integrating Social Media & Digital Products

If you’re using digital signage, touch screens, or mobile app, chances are you’re constantly in search for more engaging content to display.

In today’s world, social media provides for a more personal, customizable way to get your audience involved through your displays or app. Did you know 71% of Internet users are on social media? Colleges, gyms, hotels, and even government spaces are including live social media content into their rotation to drive engagement by showcasing customers’ tweets, Instagram photos, Facebook videos and more.

How exactly can social media be an advantage, not only your digital signage content, but also your business or event? Here are 5 reasons to integrate social media and your digital communication products:

Viewers are more involved

Over time, digital signage that lacks interaction tends to blend into the background after a while, becoming just another advertisement to viewers. By incorporating live social media feeds, you can recapture viewers’ attention by letting them have a say in your display’s content. Within your REACH software, you can pull feeds from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to allow members and customers instantly see their post hit the big screen.

Generates automated content

With your audience filling your displays with posts, you won’t have to spend time constantly updating your announcements. Guests’ posts will create fresh, automated content will little to no work on your end.

Free word-of-mouth marketing

Who doesn’t love “Free”? Audiences’ love seeing their posts reach displays or apps. However, in the process of doing so, they will also be spreading your brand to all of their followers’ timelines. Pretty clever!

Provides balance

Viewers don’t need another source of pure advertising. By mixing in interactive social media content to your que of announcements, you will give them a reason to engage in your displays and app, raising the chance that they’ll also pay attention to your promotional messages.


By incorporating social media with your signage and app, you’ll open up a new channel for guest feedback. Members & customers will see that you care about their thoughts and be much more likely to share (both positive and negative—but hey, that’s how you improve your retention, right?). When you publicly welcome your audience’s input, they’ll return the favor by providing useful feedback and will appreciate the chance to have their voices heard. Win-Win!

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Digital Communications Go to College

Halfway through June already..which means it’s that time to start thinking about Freshman Orientations, “Back-to-College” events, and new technologies.

Is your college campus up with the times? We’re talking digital communications: signage, touchscreens, mobile apps-you name it. For a new college freshman stepping onto a large campus, it can be quite intimidating. Having information readily available is key. Whether it be digital signage, touchscreen wayfinding in buildings to find a classroom or information and alerts right at your fingertips with a mobile-app-can help ease the pressure for your students.

On-campus digital signage can be a powerful tool to help schools gain a competitive communications edge. Having multiple digital communications outlets as well can help tailor specific needs to specific audiences-it can become an important tool to target messages to specific buildings on campus, as well as broadcast updates and emergency notifications to the entire university campus.

Each week, countless events will take place on your campus-by leveraging your signage, you can quickly communicated what’s happening to drive awareness and attendance. Integrate with all of your social media streams to keep your displays fresh and current as well!

What’s even better? Your scheduling software can be integrated with all of your products, so ensuring no duplicate work is needed and your students and staff can receive the most up-to-date event and class information on your signage, touchscreen, or mobile app.

One of the barriers to adding digital communication products in the past has been cost, however, with our new technologies and software, these products have steadily decreased in price and with an enterprise package, you can save your campus money while increasing to multiple digital communication outlets.

Incorporating digital signage on your campus is a reliable way to attract attention. In this generation, students are conditioned to look at digital devices for information. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today to learn more at 952-944-7727 or email us at info@reachmedianetwork.com.

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Take Membership Scanning One Step Further

Gone are the days of digging through your gym bag or purse to locate your membership card-with the recent technology developed within REACH software, you are now able to host multiple membership cards right on your mobile app!


Your users simply type in their display name for the card as well as their membership number and your app will automatically create a QR Code for your audience to use on a daily basis to enter into your facility. Choose between multiple options of how the membership numbers are displayed: QR Codes, Barcodes, etc.


That’s not all your barcode scanner will do-Having your members download an app to host their membership cards will automatically serve as a unique marketing tool to interact with your audience! Connect with your members by also creating social media feeds, schedules for their viewing, as well as hosting facility information. Send push notifications directly to your app to keep your members informed of any upcoming events, cancellations, and important information as they use their barcode scanner everyday.


Who knew hosting a barcode scanner on your app could create such an easy marketing tool!


Want to learn more about our mobile app? Contact REACH today at 952-944-7727 ext. 214 or at info@reachmedianetwork.com.

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6 Design Tips for your Digital Signage

An announcement on your signage on average displays for 10 seconds; within those 10 seconds, the goal is to create awareness and engage your audience to want to learn more. There are a few key factors when designing your announcements:

  1. Color: Color is the first element the mind sees and the last it forgets. Our minds associate certain traits with color as well. Another factor to consider is certain colors clash when paired whereas other compliment. Research which color schemes work well together; for example-Adobe Kruler gives a variety of combinations to consider. As Pierre Bonnard puts it, “Color does not add a pleasant quality to design-it reinforces it”
  2. Content: The most important “make or break” element to your announcement. It takes all factors into consideration and combines them-boring content or too much content-no one will pay attention to. Find a happy medium to ensure your message is communicated simply to your audience. Content is king.
  3. Typography: Size does matter. Commonly, font sizes are too small and are hard to read-especially when it comes to menu boards or a schedule. For example, if the font size is 20 pt, the viewing distance should be no more than 7 feet; however, if the font size is 100 pt, the viewing distance would be up to 36 feet.
  4. Interactivity: When people hear the word “interactivity”, they often think of a touchscreen where your audience needs to be able to push a button on the screen, however, this isn’t always the case. Your announcements should draw people in having a “call to action”. Examples include: “Learn more by visiting our website”, a scannable QR Code, “Like us on Facebook”, etc.
  5. Timing: This is one of the most important elements in creating each announcement. Timing is everything when tailoring to a certain audience. Ensuring a message is displayed at certain times of the day, certain days of the week, etc. can ensure specific communication within your facility. If your signage shows the same information every day, you could risk losing the engagement of your viewers. Try switching up the colors, pictures, context if you are displaying the same message every day-this will trigger a new look to your message, thus creating constant visits to your display(s).

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Video Walls: An Eye-Popping Experience

There’s no question: an entire wall of screens will grab your audiences’ attention over one single digital signage screen. Content, visuals, and the ability to add in multiple outlets of communication are just a few reasons why companies are starting to invest in video walls. Based on your content needs, we work with you to decide which communication tools will work best.


What are some of the most popular uses of video walls out in the digital signage industry? Below are five reasons why facilities are moving towards this product, in addition to their current digital communication tools.


  1. Social Media Boards


Active in social media? Use more than one outlet to promote your organization? No problem. Bring your content to life utilizing a video wall. Display multiple feeds at once, allowing viewers to see posts of their choice-pictures, news information, job openings, you name it-your audience can choose which information pertains the most to them, and more than likely, ensure they are following your social media site on their personal devices.


  1. Multiple Content Outlets


Schedules, facility information, and cable channels are a few ways companies are customizing their video walls. Multiple screens means multiple content outlets, where you are able to show different content per display, making it incredibly helpful to tailor to multiple audiences. Best part? Only one player needed!


  1. Full-Screen Visuals


Being the most popular option, video walls tend to impress viewers with large-scale graphics and videos displayed on multiple screens to create a digital visual that goes beyond the current size of a single sign display. For example, main lobbies can project striking visuals that even include live TV onto their video walls.


  1. Interactivity


Embed touchpoints into your signage to bring your audience into a virtual reality. Use touchscreen(s) to enhance your wall by bringing your viewers from a flat to interactive world.


  1. Data Communications


Integrate your scheduling software right onto your video wall. Use one or multiple screens to display the most up-to-date information for your viewers. Because of the larger display space, you are now able to showcase large amounts of information that can be visible to multiple people at the same time. Less wait time equals a happy customer!

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