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Common Digital Announcement Mistakes: What NOT to do!

You successfully deployed a digital signage solution that fits your needs-now what? After your initial training, can navigate your CMS software — but do you actually know how to reap the benefits of digital signage?

Simple: create eye-catching fresh content! Sound painful? You’re not alone; many users struggle to keep their content looking “awe” worthy- The good news is that most common digital content blunders are easy to fix! After making a few simple changes to your strategy, you will see an instant increase in audience engagement. To get you started, here are the four common mistakes facilities seem to make when creating content for their digital signage:

1. Boring content

It doesn’t matter what type of screens you are using — plain content will ruin your audience engagement. Digital signage is meant to attract attention and encourage awareness. If your content is black text on a white background, you might as well throw a tarp over your signs.

While there might not be anything you can do to pep up a message like: “Meeting in the Conference Room at 3 p.m.,” you can make the appearance fun. Photography is a tried-and-true method of engaging audiences. Stock photography is a helpful resource for embellishing generic messages-as well as adding animation. Motion graphics can easily transform slides from boring to mesmerizing. You can also add in short video links to turn longer messages into more appealing content.

2. Stale, moldy slides

Viewers want fresh content on a regular basis. Even if you don’t have a new announcement to add, changing the visual appearance can give old messages a new light. A quick change of the color, images, or animation can work wonders.

3. Information overload

Here’s a full day’s schedule, a message from the facility, and an upcoming event — you have 10 seconds to digest all of that! Go!

Lack of focus leads to confusion. Digital signage is meant to streamline communications, not jam all communication into a short period of time. If one slide covers all the topics of your newsletter … you’re not using your announcement space properly. Keep asides to the side and limit the content of the slide to one idea, for example: “Free Food: Friday, July 24, 2015, 1-3 p.m.”

4. Death by novel

Audiences want brief messages that are easy to digest — so long text passages in a tiny font size is a content disaster. If your audience doesn’t get the message in 3 seconds, you need to delete some text.

Remember, this is digital signage — not an essay. Paragraphs are a turnoff. Try to keep your message to two short sentences at most. If you can’t limit your text, then split your message into multiple slides.

Don’t limit the effectiveness of your digital content with common mistakes. These are easy fixes, and can only lead to improvement. Viewers must stay engaged with fresh, relevant content so that you get the most out of your digital communication products!


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Maximize Audience Engagement with your Layout Design

Once you decide to purchase our digital signage software, the next step is to choose your layout-question is, which digital signage layout and content is best for your audience? Who are you trying to appeal to?

We have broken it down to three main types of audiences and each one can be engaged through different layouts that appeal to them within the viewing environment.

Here are some suggestions to maximize your audience engagement:


  • Viewing time = 1-30 seconds
  • Display location:  in a hallway, near an entrance with no lobby, elevator bay, people walking by and not stopping.
  • Full-Size Announcement layout with date/time and current conditions weather.  No video, no ticker, short graphic messages only.


  • Viewing time = 30-120 seconds
  • Display location:  short lines for cashier or reception desk, people stopping for brief periods of time.
  • Split Announcement & Schedule layout with date/time or weather. No long videos, Short Flash video, short graphic messages.



  • Viewing time = 2-30 minutes
  • Display location:  reception with seating, lounges, cafeteria, break room, anywhere there is seating.
  • Split Announcement & Schedule layout with Social Media or RSS.  No restriction on content types and layout complexity, add live TV for 10+ minute waiting areas.


Although a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t exist, these layout suggestions will help you to reach your target audience, engage their attention and deliver your message in the best digital signage layout possible.

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Digital Communications Go to College

Halfway through June already..which means it’s that time to start thinking about Freshman Orientations, “Back-to-College” events, and new technologies.

Is your college campus up with the times? We’re talking digital communications: signage, touchscreens, mobile apps-you name it. For a new college freshman stepping onto a large campus, it can be quite intimidating. Having information readily available is key. Whether it be digital signage, touchscreen wayfinding in buildings to find a classroom or information and alerts right at your fingertips with a mobile-app-can help ease the pressure for your students.

On-campus digital signage can be a powerful tool to help schools gain a competitive communications edge. Having multiple digital communications outlets as well can help tailor specific needs to specific audiences-it can become an important tool to target messages to specific buildings on campus, as well as broadcast updates and emergency notifications to the entire university campus.

Each week, countless events will take place on your campus-by leveraging your signage, you can quickly communicated what’s happening to drive awareness and attendance. Integrate with all of your social media streams to keep your displays fresh and current as well!

What’s even better? Your scheduling software can be integrated with all of your products, so ensuring no duplicate work is needed and your students and staff can receive the most up-to-date event and class information on your signage, touchscreen, or mobile app.

One of the barriers to adding digital communication products in the past has been cost, however, with our new technologies and software, these products have steadily decreased in price and with an enterprise package, you can save your campus money while increasing to multiple digital communication outlets.

Incorporating digital signage on your campus is a reliable way to attract attention. In this generation, students are conditioned to look at digital devices for information. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today to learn more at 952-944-7727 or email us at info@reachmedianetwork.com.

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Digital Media Solutions For Your Restaurant

Digital Signage Restaurant

The restaurant industry is one of the most competitive markets of them all. Nearly every corner in town has a restaurant that appeals to customers in some way. If you are a restaurant owner, one thing you deal with on a daily basis is how to separate yourself from the competition. Well, REACH Media Network may have just the answer that you have been searching for. By teaming up with REACH, you can dive into the digital media solution world to help bring a whole new look to your restaurant! Sometimes change can be a good thing for business, and rest assured, this is one of those times.

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Restaurant Menu Boards

Menu BoardsThe restaurant industry is one of the most difficult industries to succeed in. The main reason that it is so tough is because there is so much competition. With so many types of foods and atmospheres, Americans are truly spoiled because we have so many restaurant options around us. It is no longer like the old times where there were just a few restaurants in each town that monopolized the market. Now, there is sure to be a restaurant on nearly every block of a big city. So, in order to continue your successful restaurant, you have to separate yourself from the competition in some way. One great way to do this is by taking advantage of the technological advances made over the last few decades. One simple upgrade that can go a long way is investing in digital menu boards for your restaurant. Team up with REACH Media Network to bring a new look to your restaurant through our digital menu boards and software.

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