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Room Schedule Displays: Top 5 Benefits

One of the biggest assets that sets REACH apart from the competition is our scheduling software and integration capabilities. Whether you are looking to pull in existing data from your current scheduling software (ex. Google Calendar, ActiveNet, RecTrac, etc.), or looking to start from scratch on our CMS scheduling tool, room schedule displays have become a popular method for facilities to control organization for internal appointments, meetings, classes, events, and more!

Expanding beyond traditional digital signage, we have put together the top 5 benefits of using our room schedule displays:

  1. Increased Efficiency: When effective schedule integrations/software is implemented, it makes an entire facility run more smoothly and efficiently. Our software allows for your audience to quickly find available rooms, utilize automatic workflow, and find more information on events/classes going on during a specific day, week, etc.
  2. Increased Productivity: Reduce “no shows”, double-booking, and overall wasted time. Avoid duplicate work by integrating with your current scheduling software. Allow your audience to access all meeting, class, and event information in one place and see immediate changes in real-time.
  3. Customization: Our room schedule displays allow to customize to your brand and content displayed. Not only will you be able to display your schedules, but you can also display your screen announcements within your room schedule displays. Why not use it as a marketing tool as well!
  4. Accessibility: Allow your users to view different schedules, meeting information, and time instantly on each room schedule display tablet.
  5. Support: Easily reserve room space, equipment, etc. through the software. Relieve the stress of a resource not being available at the time of the meeting or event!

Want to learn more about our room schedule displays? Contact us today at info@reachmedianetwork.com.

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Upgrade your Lobby with REACH Digital Signage


These days, every business is looking for ways to make their space more digitally connected, and for some, more interactive – what better place to provide a digital solution than your main lobby?

As your lobby is the first area your employees and customers enter your building, our digital signage provides you with a “hot spot” for marketing your brand, informing your visitors, and keeping your employees up-to-date with internal communications all while saving you time, money, and hassle compared to traditional signage.

With our robust software, you can easily get up and running with a variety of engaging content on your screens, managing your information real time, and even integrating with news feeds, social media, and other forms of communication that will attract your audience to your main message(s).

1. Who uses digital lobby signage?

Many different types of establishments use digital signage within their lobbies, including but not limited to:

  • Hotels: Hotels are probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of digital lobby signage, which it can serve numerous purposes including events, everyday news, etc.
  • Offices: Both small businesses and corporate offices use digital signage in their office for internal communications or welcoming visitors.
  • Schools: Digital signage in school lobbies keep campuses connected and students and visitors informed.
  • Medical offices: With patient care technology advancing every minute, so has digital signage for their offices.
  • Banks: Waiting at the bank is a lot less dull with our digital signage.
  • Commercial real estate: Digital signage is a huge value add for commercial real estate spaces, especially when it comes to directories and wayfinding.

2. Why use digital signage?

Our Digital signage has several advantages over traditional signage. Here are just a few reasons to switch to digital:

  • Easy updating: can be easily updated at any time, with changes and new content appearing instantly.
  • Liven up your lobby: Traditional lobby signs are static, whereas our digital signage is dynamic, interactive and adaptable. One lobby screen can show a wide array of content, from web pages to directories to news feeds.
  • Modernize your lobby: Having digital lobby signs gives your entire space a modern, technologically-savvy feel to it.
  • Enhance the customer/guest experience: In addition to serving necessary functions, it can make the customer/guest experience better. REACH’s digital signage can provide your audience with not only information they need, but also supplemental information they didn’t think of asking for.
  • Help grow your business: Some uses of our digital signage can actually help your business gain exposure. Digital signage also gives your lobby a unique touch that will get people talking about you.
  • Make your employees’ jobs easier: they can be a rich source of information, answering customer/guest questions that are usually left up to your employees.

3. How can digital signage be used?

With so many types of businesses using digital signage comes numerous potential uses of it, including but not limited to:

Digital wayfinding

Lobby displays featuring a map or directory of the building can help customers and guests find their way without even having to approach the front desk. A lobby directory within your signage is particularly fitting for hotels, commercial real estate and school campuses.

Soliciting and showcasing reviews

Digital lobby signage gives hotels and other businesses where reviews are vital a way to show off your latest star-ratings or even include a call-to-action asking patrons to submit a review.

Entertaining customers and guests as they wait

When is the last time you waited in a lobby without looking down at your smartphone? Digital signage displaying entertaining content in your lobby, such as a live news feed, social media wall, or video can give your patrons another way to pass the time. You may also want to provide them with other relevant content they may find useful, e.g. health advice in a medical office lobby or financial tips in a bank lobby.

Improving internal communications

The office lobby is usually the first area your employees see when they walk into work, making digital signage an ideal internal communications tool. Companies large or small can display news and announcements, employee achievements, key dashboards or company social media feeds. It’s a worthwhile effort, as effective internal communications has proven benefits for employee engagement and productivity.

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Digital Signage: It’s not just for lobbies anymore…

Lobbies and hallways are an obvious spot to put your screens as everyone is trying to hit a high-traffic area. It’s great for getting news, weather and general announcements out to a large audience. But what about targeted messaging inside rooms?

Here are three ideas you may not have thought of:

1. Use digital signage in classrooms…

A lot of classrooms are using computers, projectors and interactive whiteboards. Why not put it all together in a digital sign?

Using your signage to show education programs, as well as publish digital signage messages for students when the teacher isn’t using is a great way to maximize your audience engagement. Educators can even tailor their content on their announcements for their specific classes, so they can remind them of upcoming due dates, quizzes and activities.

Interactive signage can take the classroom experience even further. Use a touchscreen to access the internet, control video playback to allow for discussion breaks, and show teaching resources stored on your network for your students & staff.

2. Use digital displays in meeting rooms…

A presentation on a big, bright screen looks a lot better than a printed agenda. Touchscreens can make the whole experience smoother and more modern. All good presentations encourage audience participation, so why not have them come up and click through it with you?

You can also use large digital signage in meeting rooms for videoconferencing, video streaming and cloud access. And, again, when you’re not presenting, you can show your current announcements and schedules so your audience doesn’t miss out on important messages.


3. Use digital signs in patient rooms…

More and more hospitals, clinics and dentists are using digital signage in their waiting rooms, but why not carry the experience over into the examination area or patient’s room?

We’ve all stared at the ceiling for a half an hour while we’re getting our teeth cleaned. Or, we’ve stared around the examination room waiting for the doctor to come in. You could take this opportunity to educate and inform your patients.

For example, showcase health tips, upcoming classes and advertisements for services they may not have considered, like flu shots, blood pressure screenings or tooth whitening.

Wherever you place your signage, don’t think of the room first — think of the audience first. Putting digital signage into smaller spaces gives you the perfect opportunity for targeted messaging/marketing to a tailored audience.


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Digital Communications Go to College

Halfway through June already..which means it’s that time to start thinking about Freshman Orientations, “Back-to-College” events, and new technologies.

Is your college campus up with the times? We’re talking digital communications: signage, touchscreens, mobile apps-you name it. For a new college freshman stepping onto a large campus, it can be quite intimidating. Having information readily available is key. Whether it be digital signage, touchscreen wayfinding in buildings to find a classroom or information and alerts right at your fingertips with a mobile-app-can help ease the pressure for your students.

On-campus digital signage can be a powerful tool to help schools gain a competitive communications edge. Having multiple digital communications outlets as well can help tailor specific needs to specific audiences-it can become an important tool to target messages to specific buildings on campus, as well as broadcast updates and emergency notifications to the entire university campus.

Each week, countless events will take place on your campus-by leveraging your signage, you can quickly communicated what’s happening to drive awareness and attendance. Integrate with all of your social media streams to keep your displays fresh and current as well!

What’s even better? Your scheduling software can be integrated with all of your products, so ensuring no duplicate work is needed and your students and staff can receive the most up-to-date event and class information on your signage, touchscreen, or mobile app.

One of the barriers to adding digital communication products in the past has been cost, however, with our new technologies and software, these products have steadily decreased in price and with an enterprise package, you can save your campus money while increasing to multiple digital communication outlets.

Incorporating digital signage on your campus is a reliable way to attract attention. In this generation, students are conditioned to look at digital devices for information. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today to learn more at 952-944-7727 or email us at info@reachmedianetwork.com.

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Room Schedulers: Eliminate the Confusion!

A busy Monday morning full of meetings or members trying to start off their week with a workout at 6am-if a room is double-booked, if members or attendees are unaware of the “who, what, and when’s”, the hassles can quickly snowball into a state of confusion and throw off a day’s schedule, leaving an unsatisfied audience. No matter now clear and simple your system appears to be, there’s always a chance of human error. Making minor improvements, like adding room schedulers to your facility, can make a big impact in keeping the flow of daily events and communication to your audience.


Whether you are looking to integrate with your existing schedule or digital signage or build your own room schedulers from scratch, a high-performing software solution is key to your communication success. Having a flexible platform, like the REACH software, will also ensure that content is easily presented on-the-fly. Choosing from multiple scheduling designs, integrating with your current schedule software, as well as adding in your current signage announcements sets this software apart from its competitors. With interactive capability, it makes the process of finding a specific meeting or class time & place very simple. No matter how big or small your facility may be, the addition of room schedulers can be very effective in reaching your audience from a deeper level.


If you don’t have existing digital signage, it may be useful to add these along with the room schedulers. Why you ask? The answer is simple. Important meetings or events can be displayed in a large format on your signage; adding in images, animation, and even video will catch your audiences’ attention to dive in further to learn about the event or meeting, leading them to your room schedulers. This is an effective and easy way to ensure your communication is clear and loud without having to say a word-What’s even better? Your announcements and schedules are still managed from the same platform on your content management system!


From convention centers, hotels, government centers, and fitness centers, we have seen huge success and increase in audience engagement throughout our partners. Learn how you can benefit from our room schedulers by contacting us today!

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