Digital Signage for Universities

Visit any college campus today and you will see that most students are engaged in one way or another with the latest gadgets technology has produced. From their cell phones to MP3 players to tablet computers, they rely on these devices to provide everything from information to entertainment. REACH Media Network can help you to provide your students with the campus information they need using technology they know and love using customizable messages.

Customizable Messages

Let’s face it. Flyers pasted on windows and doors are no longer the best means to communicate your message to the campus crowd. Today, if it isn’t viewable on a screen, it probably isn’t being viewed. Now is the time to join the digital ‘revolution’ and put digital signage to work at your university.

Using the REACH digital media network, you can easily and quickly put your messages before the entire student body and faculty. Your messages are fully customizable so you can use them to provide information, promotions, branding, entertainment and emergency notifications.

Digital Signage Would be Beneficial on your Campus:

  • LCD screens in dining halls to display menu information – any changes will be displayed immediately
  • LCD screens in the campus bookstore – feature bookstore information and promotional messages
  • Use the system to distribute university information the students need, such as campus information or weather
  • Jumbotron in sports stadiums and arenas
  • Use digital signage to generate revenue via sponsored, university approved advertising

Digital Signage Software that is Easy to Use and Reliable

Our web-based system is easy to use and flexible enough to meet your needs, and it doesn’t require a background in computer science to navigate. We guarantee 99% uptime, and we will work with you to find a solution if something outside our control occurs. Lastly, our content management software is designed to easily allow you to manage all of your digital solutions on one platform.

For more information on digital signage for colleges and how customizable messages can benefit your campus, or to discuss other opportunities, call REACH Media Network at 952-944-7727, ext. 208, or email us at