When you walk around a busy street, what is the most common item you notice people carrying this day in age? If you said a cell phone, you are correct! Over the last few years, cell phone calls have skyrocketed through the roof. Cell phones not only handle all of your phone call needs, they are so advanced that they act as your computer as well! With the emergence of iPhone and Android mobile phones, it is important for companies to positively utilize these tools at the fingertips of their customers. Dive into the mobile application market by partnering with REACH Media Network to develop a customized mobile app geared specifically to your company.

Mobile App Customization

REACH Media Network allows you to lead the way during the development of your mobile app. You have the ability to utilize your logo or icons. Additionally, our team can walk you through our custom and creative design capabilities that you can choose from. Our easy to use content management system allows you to make changes to your mobile app with just the click of a button.

Benefits of a Mobile App:

  • Integration – Allows you to stream the content used on your other digital signage straight to your mobile app so that it can be seen outside of your office. Our mobile app offers multiple function availabilities.
  • Keep Customers Informed – A mobile app allows you to push up to date information and changes straight to the customer.
  • Cost Efficient – By creating a mobile app, you will be able to get rid of the printing costs from having to print brochures, coupons, schedules or future events.
  • Alerts – Another great feature that enables you to notify customers of any cancellations or alerts that they need to be aware of through our push notification feature.

 Get Noticed Everywhere

Get a step ahead of your competition by teaming up with REACH Media Network to develop your own mobile app. Take advantage of all of those mobile phones all over the community. Call us today at (952) 944-7727 or email info@reachmedianetwork.com to learn more about our services.