The restaurant industry is one of the most competitive markets of them all. Nearly every corner in town has a restaurant that appeals to customers in some way. If you are a restaurant owner, one thing you deal with on a daily basis is how to separate yourself from the competition. Well, REACH Media Network may have just the answer that you have been searching for. By teaming up with REACH, you can dive into the digital media solution world to help bring a whole new look to your restaurant! Sometimes change can be a good thing for business, and rest assured, this is one of those times.

Products To Help Your Restaurant

  • Menu Boards – It is time to adapt to the advancements in technology and get rid of all of those old menus covered with stains. We know it may be tough to get rid of some old habits, but digital menu boards can help spike business in ways you may not even realize. By providing a slick look and customization tools, you can post specials and different menu features depending on the time of day. Our digital menu boards also allow you to display advertisements from outside sources as well.
  • Touch Screens – More and more restaurants are utilizing touch screens throughout their restaurants. Place a touch screen on every table in your restaurant for all your customers to have total control. Through the use of our digital media software, your customers can scan the menu and order directly from the touch screen.
  • Digital Signage – Keep your customers entertained through the use of digital signage around your restaurant. Stream social media updates, news, and weather through these devices so that your visitors can keep up with what is going on in the world while they eat.

The REACH Partnership

By partnering with REACH, you not only get a superior product but also a dedicated customer service staff. We strive to make our software easy to use and cost effective for the user. With our 99% uptime, you rarely will experience any technical difficulties. In the uncommon instance that a problem arises, we have a dedicated staff of technicians eager to help fix your problem quickly!

Take the next step with your restaurant by investing in REACH Media Network’s digital media solutions. Whether you want to invest in menu boards, touch screens, or digital signage, we have everything you need to get to the next level! Give us a call today at (952) 944-7277 ext. 208 to learn more about our services.