Staying current with new technology has quickly become a must in the restaurant industry. With the boost in mobile phone usage to restaurants trying to go green, investing in digital signage for your restaurant is something that you should strongly consider. Not only can digital signage create a new, slick look for your restaurant, but there are many other benefits to this investment as well. If you are ready to upgrade your signage, but do not know where to begin, you are in luck! Partner with our team at REACH Media Network to take advantage of the technology upgrades that you have right at your fingertips!

Benefits of Digital Signage:

  • A New Look – Get rid of the outdated, manual menus that you have been using for the last thirty years. Our digital signage software allows you to add color, design, logos and images that are sure to grab the eyes of your customers.
  • Go Green – No need for all of those paper menus. By using digital signage, you can get rid of the unnecessary paper that clutters up your restaurant. Menus, coupons and advertisements can all be found in one spot, allowing you to do your part in reducing the use of paper, printing and shipping costs.
  • Customization – Have you run out of an item on the menu? Do you want to implement a daily special? Our software allows you to make changes to your menu with the click of a button. If you have multiple signage in one location, each display can be customized to show its own data or you can stream the same information across all displays.
  • Influence Customers – A restaurant owner can see a boost in sales by taking advantage of our digital signage software. Structure what shows on the signage by time of day, season, or upcoming holidays.

Restaurant Digital Signage and Menus

Now is the time to take the next step with your restaurant. Team up with REACH Media Network and invest in our digital signage to help bring a new look for your customers! Call us today at (952) 944-7727 or email to learn more.