Going to church these days can mean so many different things and can bring on so many different experiences. Modern day churches are making a large effort to appeal to this generation and the next! This can mean flashy lights, live music, and lots and lots of electronics. For a modern church, reaching out to the community and its congregation is a vital component to its growth. One of the best ways to interact with first time guests and active participants within the church is investing in REACH Media Network’s digital signage.


What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is the perfect way to get information out to your congregation! Posting dates and times of activities, events, and meetings to digital media like TVs, computers, large screens, etc. is the best way for guests and members to stay informed. Using REACH digital signage allows for all of that, plus so much more! Digital signage can be placed all throughout the church hallways and walls. It can constantly display one particular item or consistently change so that multiple information can be given at once. It has become an incredibly useful tool for growing churches that hold multiple events, have youth groups, or lean towards more digital worship services.


Types of Digital Signage for the Church Community

  • Dates and times for services.
  • Promoting volunteer and service opportunity needs.
  • Promoting upcoming events and schedules.
  • Promoting outreach programs within the community.
  • Sharing emergency alerts and cancellations.
  • Displaying weather conditions and news information.
  • Paging and alerting parents during the church service that they are needed in the nursery.

About REACH Media Network

REACH Media Network is here to partner with you and all of your digital signage needs. We are dedicated to excellent customer service and support. Once you decide to partner with us, we fully install the system and are here for any supportive services you may need throughout your usage. We provide a reasonable price for the hardware and installation with a generously priced annual subscription.

So, if you are a growing church and in need of a way to REACH out to your congregation and community, please give us a call today at 952.944.7727 ext. 208 or visit us online at www.reachmedianetwork.com.