Digital Signage Solutions

Premier hospitals, clinics, or dentistry offices don’t get to where they are today without moving with the times. The latest and most advanced technology in these settings is primarily used to improve patient care, customer satisfaction and health care education. If you are looking to upgrade your medical facility in a positive way, look no further than REACH Media Network. We have digital signage for healthcare including clinics, hospitals and dentistry offices. Let us help your team out by pairing up with ours!

What is Digital Signage?

Not everyone entering into a healthcare setting is knowledgeable about their surroundings! Get your patients and visitors acquainted to your facilities with digital signage. Digital signage can be broadcast in so many different ways. As digital signage for healthcare goes, the medical facility has the capability of creating a customizable message that projects on different screens all throughout the hospitals, clinics, or dentistry offices. Digital and interactive maps of the facility can help visitors navigate themselves thru unfamiliar territory to find their loved ones. Schedules, videos, health messages, and even cafeteria menus can all be created through REACH Media Network’s digital signage for healthcare.

Why Choose Digital Signage for Healthcare Settings?

Hospitals that have used REACH Media have been able to improve patient satisfaction scores due to the quick amount of knowledge they are able to receive. Not only can we help facilitate a customizable message to visitors and staff, we are able to market hospital specialities! This will keep patients coming back!

What Makes REACH Media Work?

Becoming a partner with clinics, hospitals, or dentistry offices means that you immediately become our number one priority. We are dedicated to providing you with the best products, customer service, and support that we possibly can. Once our system is installed, we guarantee 99% uptime and are here to provide any service and support needed during your subscription.

So, if you work in a clinic, hospital, or dentist office, consider updating the look and technology of your facility! Digital signage for healthcare is the only way to keep moving forward! For more information, contact REACH Media Network today at 952-944-7727 ext. 208 or email us at