Once you decide to purchase our digital signage software, the next step is to choose your layout-question is, which digital signage layout and content is best for your audience? Who are you trying to appeal to?

We have broken it down to three main types of audiences and each one can be engaged through different layouts that appeal to them within the viewing environment.

Here are some suggestions to maximize your audience engagement:


  • Viewing time = 1-30 seconds
  • Display location:  in a hallway, near an entrance with no lobby, elevator bay, people walking by and not stopping.
  • Full-Size Announcement layout with date/time and current conditions weather.  No video, no ticker, short graphic messages only.


  • Viewing time = 30-120 seconds
  • Display location:  short lines for cashier or reception desk, people stopping for brief periods of time.
  • Split Announcement & Schedule layout with date/time or weather. No long videos, Short Flash video, short graphic messages.



  • Viewing time = 2-30 minutes
  • Display location:  reception with seating, lounges, cafeteria, break room, anywhere there is seating.
  • Split Announcement & Schedule layout with Social Media or RSS.  No restriction on content types and layout complexity, add live TV for 10+ minute waiting areas.


Although a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t exist, these layout suggestions will help you to reach your target audience, engage their attention and deliver your message in the best digital signage layout possible.