Gone are the days of digging through your gym bag or purse to locate your membership card-with the recent technology developed within REACH software, you are now able to host multiple membership cards right on your mobile app!


Your users simply type in their display name for the card as well as their membership number and your app will automatically create a QR Code for your audience to use on a daily basis to enter into your facility. Choose between multiple options of how the membership numbers are displayed: QR Codes, Barcodes, etc.


That’s not all your barcode scanner will do-Having your members download an app to host their membership cards will automatically serve as a unique marketing tool to interact with your audience! Connect with your members by also creating social media feeds, schedules for their viewing, as well as hosting facility information. Send push notifications directly to your app to keep your members informed of any upcoming events, cancellations, and important information as they use their barcode scanner everyday.


Who knew hosting a barcode scanner on your app could create such an easy marketing tool!


Want to learn more about our mobile app? Contact REACH today at 952-944-7727 ext. 214 or at info@reachmedianetwork.com.