Are you an owner of a company that is behind the times when it comes to technology? Do you go through tons of paper on a daily basis just because you have not yet switched over to a digital interface? Well, now is the perfect time to upgrade and go green by investing in touch screen business solutions from REACH Media Network. Our team is committed to teaming up with you to find the right digital business solutions that fit your needs. Customization and adapting to our customer’s needs are what set us apart from the competitors.

The REACH Philosophy

There are five key characteristics that REACH excels in, and these same features are the key to our success.

  • Easy to Use – Our touch screen systems are user friendly and extremely easy to use. The reason for our quick growth as a company is because our One software digital media network software is not rocket science!
  • Cost Effective – The annual subscriptions to our software are highly competitive and affordable.
  • Reliable – We are so convinced that our touch screens will meet your needs that we guarantee 99% uptime. If any issue occurs, our service staff is quick to find you a solution.
  • Support – From installation to upgrades or training, our support staff will make sure that converting to a touch screen is easy and hassle free.
  • Experience – Serving over 2,500 clients, we have seen it all. Treating the small clients just like the large clients is something that we take pride in.

Touch Screen Benefit

Our interactive touch screens provides a business with a quick and easy to use interface for customers. You are able to go green by reducing the use of paper, and can save space by having everything built into the touch screen. Customization allows you to provide quick updates to customers or employees with the simple click of a button. Our software allows your data to be shown on multiple devices as well.

However you would like to use our touch screen business solutions is up to you. REACH Media Network gives you limitless opportunity when it comes to interactions with your employees or customers. Call (952) 944-7727 or email today to learn more about our services.